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The Friendly City Food Co-op has the freshest produce, the best hot food
bar and delicous local baked goods. The staff are amazing and
I look forward to every visit! – Vada Kelley

Ownership means sustaining and growing what we have built. I’m proud to be a co-op owner.
– Christina von Rotz-Brunk

I love stopping by the co-op for lunch. Some days I mix-and-match the hot bar with the salad bar, other days I grab a Turkey Chipotle Wrap. Either way, it’s always great and I’m able to grab a fresh cup of organic coffee to go. – Mike Miriello

We were enthusiastic about the co-op from the beginning. The co-op sells local food, it is downtown, and there are a lot of healthy food options. I just love everything about the Friendly City Food Co-op.  – Sherwyn, Owner for 5 years

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